Free Café

We love Free Café, and are therefore excited to host another Free Café in Groningen the Aletta Jacobshuis from 1st of September.

The Free Cafés is a network of initiatives of people working together by sharing their time, skills and knowledge for free to create a place where everyone is welcome and where everyone feels equally welcome.Through collaboration and creative use of materials that are around in abundance, we use do-it-yourself methods and sustainable alternatives. – and no money! We look for creative pathways to set up a space where a base of consideration and respect makes a warm welcome for everybody.

Everyone is welcome to participate in any activities and everyone is welcome to help organise, to initiate projects, to bring ideas to the table. Go to the ‘Info’ page to see what we’re up to at the moment and how you can join!

You find the team from 14.00 in the kitchen, feel free to join and give them a hand. Also Free Café will need volunteers to collect the free left over food from different locations. If you want to support, or have tips, please contact us: freecafé

Aletta Jacobshuis – in the kitchen & main space
14.00-18.00 everybody is welcome to give a hand in the kitchen
18.00-20.00 Food is available