Let’s bring people together and create what we long for!

From 1st of september we will enjoy our events on our own location. If you want to keep updated or rent one of our spaces, join the newsletter or check www.edanz.nl

Tribe of Passion is a community that organises, supports & hosts accessible events on a basis of equivalence and co-creation in Groningen area. It is an open network of enthusiastic people who share their passions & gifts in different group settings and on a personal basis. Let’s create festivals, Parties, Workshops, Events, Sharings, Teachings, Classes & whatever else we love to do.

Also we want to support different events and inform you about the events we love. Some world wide beautiful initiatives, we are bringing to Groningen. There is Contact Improvisation & Morning Dance!!!

We feel that time is ready for a new approach towards events, to create by ourselves what we long for. Let go the old formats, and stop waiting and find ways on which we like to connect on a natural basis. Joyful we see how our activities start to bloom from a basis of natural creation.

And Together we are more!

What do you have to give? What are your passions, your fire, your longing? What do you need to realise your dreams? What do you want to create?
If you know the answers, why not just go for it!

Happy co-creation!
the Tribe of Passion