Tantric moments

In a warm bath surrounded by honesty and commitment, we will get into a deeper connection with ourselves and our surroundings.

Tantric Moments is set-up because of the desire to do more with tantra and to integrate it in our daily life. Together we will practice, play, be open, be transparent and research ourselves on a basis of equivalence.

Tantra is a spiritual path in which you use the other to sink deeper within yourself. This will include e.g. (physical) meditation, dance, play, interaction and contemplation. The first start is always the connection/intimacy with yourself, from there you will be invited to experience deeply the present moment and go into interaction in a safe setting.

The practice of giving and receiving; To allow things taking place in and around you; The research of your won desires and borders… These are aspects that not only within yourself, but also in your relation with others will help you to enrich your life. The more we learn to integrate these aspects, the more we will discover that we are the choreographers of our life; that we are free, that we can take responsibility and that we can create our lives exactly the way we like it!

Let life fall in love with you & allow yourself to fall in love with life!

Every week we will be guided throug a different topic. Please check the TantricMomentsWebsite for information about the coming events, and to prepare yourself.

Fridays Tantric Moments – 19.30-22.30
Thursdays Tantra Young (till 30year) – 19.30-22.30
€10,- (€8,- with card system)
Open to join whenever it suits you.


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